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Graduation Song


Mash Katy Perry-Fireworks/Queen-Don’t Stop Us Now GRAD

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High School Timetable


What can you make of this time table? What does it tell you? What classes do you go to first?

Complete these activities in you Inquiry book.

Activity 1.

  1. From the book list provided make a list of the all things you will need to keep in your pencil case.
  2. In your inquiry book draw the pencil case and estimate (using the list) the cost of the belongings in your pencil case. If you have some of the things on the list at home and you intend to take them to school next year, then use the list to approximate the total cost of the items you will have in your pencil case.

Activity 2.

Complete this in your Inquiry book.

You are in Group 7A.

  1. Work the timetable out, then plan your day.
  2. Write a list of the subjects you will be attending during each block
  3. On the school map provided, shade the rooms that you will be going to. You can print the map or put it into Explain Everything. Draw the walking trail/route you would take for the day. Remember to include lunch, trips to the canteen, toilet stops etc.
  4. Remember to include the route back to your locker room at the end of each block of time
  5. What things will you need to take with you? Use the book list attached and write a complete list of the things that you would need to take to your sessions for the day. Include sports uniform if you have P.E. or sport.
  6. Now that you have your pencil case worked out, you can just list your pencil case.
  7. Write the list into your maths book.

Remember you will keep all the things in your locker, but you will not be able to return to your locker in between sessions. Take that into consideration when you plan the walking trail of your day.


Activity 3.

1.  Make a list of the things you could do at secondary school  during lunch time and recess. ‘Walking around’ is not an adequate answer. Think of at least 6 things that you could do. If you need equipment you will need to bring things to school. Some equipment will be available from the sports storeroom. Check where that is, and add it to Activity 2.

  • If there were clubs available, what sort of clubs would you be interested in joining?
  • Make a list of the interests you have and would like to start up as a club activity at recess and lunch.
  • Make a poster to advertise your club. Use a page in your Inquiry book. Would it be an open invitation or would you make it only open to Year 7s?

Sample Year 7 booklist

Sample Secondary School Map

Sample Year 7 timetable

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Putting Your Best Foot Forward


Read this article from recent magazine.

How To Be A Better Friend  

How To Be A Better Friend

1.  Choose one of the 10 ways that you think is important. Put the number of the paragraph and then summarise it into one sentence.

2.  Choose any of the points that you think you already do.

3.  Is there are point that you don’t agree with? Why?

4.  What characteristics do you look for in a friend?

5.  What do you think is the most important characteristic that a friend should demonstrate to you?

6.  What characteristics do you think are your strongest assets and the ones that your friends find most admirable in you?

7.  Make a list of 10 words that you think describe friendship. You can make it into a Wordle or a display. Use your iPad to make a display and put it into the server under ‘friendship display’ to be printed in color.

8.  Think of another point that could be added to this article. Write an 11th way ‘How To Be A Better Friend’

9. Make a friendship motto. Add this to your ‘Friendship’ display. Think of a color that you feel represents ‘friendship’. Highlight your motto in that color.

10. Think of your best friend. Write them a note (which you may choose to give them) and write down some things that you value about the friendship you have. You may like to write it in a letter form if you intend to give it to them. List the qualities in priority order, 1 being the characteristic you appreciate most.

11.  Think of yourself as a friend. What traits from the article do you think you could work on that would make you a better friend? Write the trait and then think of ways that you could improve or change what you do in regard to this trait.

12. Make some comments about what you think you may have learned from this article. How could the information help you next year at secondary school? Do you think you need to change anything about yourself to help your friends understand you more?

13.  What are the things on the list of 10 ways ‘How to Be A Better Friend’ that you have never really ever thought about?

14. Decorate your display on the iPad with symbols that represent ‘friendship’.

Make sure you save your work onto the server.


You need to write:

  • quantities of ingredients,
  • method,
  • instructions,
  • how best to present your recipe.



6 cups of understanding

2 tablespoons of love

Mix 2 spoons of understanding with the love.


Add your recipe to the presentation about

Make a list of all the songs about ‘friendship’.

Compile a song list to send to your friend.


Send it to them and tell them how much you appreciate the time they spend being your friend.


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Nominating your Film


Grade 6 – Apollo Film Fest.

 Award Categories 2017

Best Storyboard


Teachers award the best example of a creative and innovative storyboard.

Best Cinematography


Best use of iPad camera to record clear, steady footage that shows thought about the rules of thirds, light and shot selection.

Best Costume Design

Best use of clothing props and costumes to help set the scene and create mood.

Best Film Editing


Best example of film cropping, clip selection and layout of video footage.

Best use of Digital Effects


Best use of iMovie digital video features (motion, text, colour, light). Green FX editing

Best Sound


Best example of original sound.






The best planned, designed, recorded and edited message that makes an impact.

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Click the link to find the problem!

Grad Maths

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Film Making



Focus Questions

  1. Explain the time and money that goes into creating some special effects.
  2. To be good at special effects, it helps to be…
  3. How did Josh get into film making?
  4. Why does he like to use clay to make movies?
  1. Describe the stop motion technique.
  2. What is filmmaker Douglas Trumbull famous for?
  3. What does he describe as the similarities between his work and Josh’s?
  4. Do you think special effects have become an important part of movies?Explain your answer.
  5. Record what you now know about special effects since watching the Moviemagic story?

10. The BtN ‘MovieMagic’ story is an example of a

a) Recount b) Procedure c) Argument d) Report

Movie magic

Negotiate with students how many activities they will need to complete from each section.

Remember and Understand

What do the following words mean? Animation, CGI, claymation, special effects, stop motion, storyboard.

Create a trivia quiz about special effects. Give it to another student to try.

Find out about the history of special effects from the 1890’s to the present day and record on a timeline. What do you think is the future of special effects?

Apply and Analyse

Investigate blue screen technology (also known as chroma key or green screen). What is it and how does it work? The Behind the News website has some information about it in the Behind, Behind the News video http://www.abc.net.au/btn/page/page-behindbtn.html Give examples of how it is used in movies.

Choose a film that uses special effects. Write a review of the film focussing on how effective the special effects were. Also include a synopsis of the film (summary of the plot without giving too much away). Rate the special effects (star rating out of 5).

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Tuesday 17th October



Roll. Organization.


  1. Children choose their ‘star’ maths activity and move to corresponding classroom. Take maths book, pencil case and iPad.



Cartesian Plane Activity

      2.      Complete the sheet ‘Cartesian Plane’. this involves moving a triangle according to the different Cartesian coordinates.





Choose 2 of the following activities. 50 mins each

a) Pixar Animation Storyboard.

You will a need story boarding sheet.

b)          BTN

  1. Use this URL to watch the B.T.N about the new 10 dollar bank note.


    Once you have watched the story you need to answer the following questions in your English book. Make sure you rule a margin, use neat handwriting and use full sentences.

    1. What new features does the $10 note have?
    2. Describe a security feature of the new note.
    3. Who are the two famous faces on the $10 note?
    4. Name three facts you learned about Banjo Patterson.
    5. What well known poems did he write?
    6. Describe the work that Dame Mary Gilmore did.
    7. Why do you think she was included on the $10 note?
    8. What did you learn watching the BTN story?
    9. Do you like the new $10 note? Give reasons for your answer.

    When you have completed these questions you need to investigate the faces on all the Australian bank notes. You need to choose one person to further research.

    On two pages of your English book you will detail the life of the person you have chosen that features on one of our notes. You need to include;

     1.  When and where the person was born.

    2.  What was life like for them growing up.

    3.  What some of their achievements were.

    4.  What contributions have they made to Australian society.

    5.  Why do you think they were chosen to be represented on an Australian bank note.

    6.  A picture of them and a picture of the bank note they are on.

    c) Look at these storyboards.

    Complete a PMI (PLUS-MINUS-INTERESTING) about each of the storyboards..

    STORY BOARDING proforma

    Story Board 1

    Story Board 2


Story Board 3

d)  Complete this task about gorillas in your English book. Your writing must be neat and your page must be set out correctly. Remember to use full sentences.

Gorillas At Risk


1:50-2:30 LIBRARY

Story Boarding

Dialogue Boxes

Add your dialogue boxes under your text sentences that you completed yesterday.

Someone is going to need to type up the conversations for each sentence on your planner. Make sure you share the jobs around.

Here is an example.






2:30 -3:30  Continue working on your story boards. Make sure you include on your planner a variety of different camera angles and viewpoints.

Well done.

Tuesday is over.

Go home and have a chillax.

Wednesday 18th October …. Just in case!

9:00 -10:40

Specialists -Music

– Italian


11:10 -12:00 Sport Training

12:00 -12:45 Assembly


1:50-3:30  Film Fest

Using the story boarding sheets from last week, begin to plan the illustrations for each box. These are only a rough draft so everyone can have a go at drawing.

Make sure you have decided on your photo angle and what you are including in each box.

Think about the dialogue you have decided to include. Make sure that the illustration of your character is facing the correct way to maximize and project anything that is being spoken.

All your suggestions will be checked by Ms Lovelace before the final story board is started.

Make sure that you have included enough information in each picture to enable the director to understand all that is required for each shot. Remember – the director is in charge once shooting starts.  All your ideas need to be have included on the story board before shooting start.



























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Reading Activities




Occupation: Entrepreneur
Born: December 5, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois
Died: December 15, 1966 in Burbank, California
Best known for: Disney animated movies and theme parks

Nickname: Uncle Walt

Read more at:

This text is Copyright © Ducksters. Do not use without permission.
Answer these questions in full sentences in your English book:
1. How old was Walt Disney when he died?
2. How many siblings did Walt have?
3. How old was Walt when he moved to Kansas Missouri?
4. When did he discover that he liked art and drawing?
5. Write the meanings of these words in your book (use a dictionary).
    a) entrepreneur                                 b) bankruptcy
    c) folly                                                  d) trademark
    e) aspirations                                      f) legacy
6. Who was Walt’s first really successful cartoon character?
     His friend Ubbe Iwerks stuck by Walt through a number of different      experiences. What were these experiences? Write them in point form.
7. Why do you think his film production slowed down during the war?
8. Whats the difference between his earlier films and Treasure Island?
9. Do you admire Walt for any particular reason?
10. What could we learn from Walt Disney?
11. When Walt Disney died at the age of ______ he left a lasting memory     for all those that admired his work. What do you think that memory is? (there are a couple of different things.)
12. How has Walt Disney inspired people all over the world to follow their aspirations and dreams? Do you think he is worthy of this?
Find some images of 10 Walt Disney’s cartoon characters
Rate them from your favorite (1) to least favorite (10). Give a reason for your first choice and also why you put your 10th choice at number 10.









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