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Welcome back to Term 3.

Our topic for this term is Needs and Wants with an economic focus.






Hi everyone,

I will bring in some coins for 5c Frenzy on Wednesday, so we can worry about that then.  I raced off to the bank on Friday for you!!!

I have worked out the ribbons for your atheletics day. There is a note on Mrs Mossuto’s table so that you can collect the ribbons today from Vanessa at the office. The girls who went down last week can go and get them.


Remember that it is PLANNING WEEK! That means we won’t have specialist programs on Wednesday morning.There should be sport training  -weather permitting.

You will not need your iPads tomorrow, but Hannah, can you please go and check whether all the Grade 6s will be told that. Thanks.

Here are the tasks for you to complete today. We can leave the order up to Mrs Mossuto.

  • paste the ‘Switches’ sheets into your Inquiry books. They need a little work on them but we will do that on Wednesday.
  • REVERSE sheet. It’s practise for homophones. It’s a bit tricky.    .                                                                                                          Find a homophones resource on your iPad if you need help with working them out.
  • Complete the spelling sheet. Remember to explain why/how you KNOW that the words are misspelt. Use your WREAD notes to help you work them out.
  • Long multiplication. YOU MUST SHOW ALL YOUR WORKING. I want to see the carrying digits.                                                                                                        Make sure you have placed your digits in the correct columns.                                                                                                                                                                           Do you have the zeroes in the correct place to hold the place value?
  • There is a book report format below. You will be completing this on your iPad. If you have completed any of the tasks above, then whilst you are waiting you can begin the book report.

Perhaps after lunch………

  • Housing Estate
  • Energy project.


Your reading homework is due on Wednesday #no excuses!!!

Your last day for swimming is tomorrow. Do Not forget your swimming things (especially those who forgot last week!)

You will have a different teacher for Tuesday as it is PLANNING DAY FOR GRADE 6S

No iPads Tuesday

5C Frenzy money Wednesday

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