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High School Timetable


What can you make of this time table? What does it tell you? What classes do you go to first?

Complete these activities in you Inquiry book.

Activity 1.

  1. From the book list provided make a list of the all things you will need to keep in your pencil case.
  2. In your inquiry book draw the pencil case and estimate (using the list) the cost of the belongings in your pencil case. If you have some of the things on the list at home and you intend to take them to school next year, then use the list to approximate the total cost of the items you will have in your pencil case.

Activity 2.

Complete this in your Inquiry book.

You are in Group 7A.

  1. Work the timetable out, then plan your day.
  2. Write a list of the subjects you will be attending during each block
  3. On the school map provided, shade the rooms that you will be going to. You can print the map or put it into Explain Everything. Draw the walking trail/route you would take for the day. Remember to include lunch, trips to the canteen, toilet stops etc.
  4. Remember to include the route back to your locker room at the end of each block of time
  5. What things will you need to take with you? Use the book list attached and write a complete list of the things that you would need to take to your sessions for the day. Include sports uniform if you have P.E. or sport.
  6. Now that you have your pencil case worked out, you can just list your pencil case.
  7. Write the list into your maths book.

Remember you will keep all the things in your locker, but you will not be able to return to your locker in between sessions. Take that into consideration when you plan the walking trail of your day.


Activity 3.

1.  Make a list of the things you could do at secondary school  during lunch time and recess. ‘Walking around’ is not an adequate answer. Think of at least 6 things that you could do. If you need equipment you will need to bring things to school. Some equipment will be available from the sports storeroom. Check where that is, and add it to Activity 2.

  • If there were clubs available, what sort of clubs would you be interested in joining?
  • Make a list of the interests you have and would like to start up as a club activity at recess and lunch.
  • Make a poster to advertise your club. Use a page in your Inquiry book. Would it be an open invitation or would you make it only open to Year 7s?

Sample Year 7 booklist

Sample Secondary School Map

Sample Year 7 timetable

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