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Apostrophes of Possession


Complete the examples in your book.

Make sure you use correct punctuation and your best handwriting.


Reference pages and activities.

Apostrophe Pg 4

Apostrophe Pg 5


Reading Groups Activity

Read a book of your choice. Find some ‘Apostrophes Of Possession’ examples in the text.

In your workbooks, write out the example as per below.

  Burl’s striped jacket  – Then write the extended form – The striped jacket belonging to Burl.

Highlight the common nouns in one color and the proper nouns in another color.

If there is an apostrophe of possession for more than one owner, then highlight this in another color, as below.

The cats’ tails – The tails belonging to the cats

cats is plural

Remember to use the reference pages above if you get stuck.

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