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If you are finished……..everything else.


B.T.N August 23, 2016 12 Comments http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4517894.htm Click on the link above and view the BtN story on the ‘Olympic Refugee Team’. After viewing the story you need to answer the questions as a comment. Remember to answer the questions as question AND answer or question IN the answer. 1. What was the main point […]

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One Week to Go!!!!


    The words to both of your production songs are now on our blog. Use these words on the ‘2016 Production Apollo Live‘ page to help you learn the words. Make sure you have checked your makeup chart to complete your makeup ready for the night. Have your costumes ready before the day of […]

Rio Olympics 2016


Usain Bolt wins again. 9.81 secs, 100 metres, 101 strides, 3 gold medals…… How Fast Can You Run? What you need: Measuring tape, metre ruler, chalk (see Miss L) friend timer fast legs NOW Go outside and measure 100 metres along the path. Start at the bottom of the ‘hill’ just outside 6L’s classroom. Mark […]

Tokyo Olympic Games- Sports


      http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4256722.htm Copy link and go to BtN. Choose one of the sports mentioned in the video. Make a ‘for’ and ‘against’ argument about what they should consider for this sport’s inclusion to the future games. You should have three arguments for each side. If you were to debate this issue, which team, […]

Thursday 4th August


Here are the tasks for you to complete today. Have a great day everyone. Sorry that I am absent. Remember to complete all your jobs. These jobs are how you earn your weekly wage. 9.00-10.10 – Read the newspaper spread. Write a paragraph to summarise the main focus of what the article is about. Write […]

Speaking and Listening Assessment


‘Follow an Australian Athlete’ This is a research task. You are required follow an Australian athlete and their progress across the two weeks of the Olympic games. The content of your information should be written as if you were writing a feature newspaper article. You will also need to research the athlete’s preparation for the […]

2016 Olympic Games


The World Is a Stage……. Motto: Live Your Passion Over the next few weeks the world will be watching Rio de Janeiro in Brazil whilst the 2016 Summer Olympic Games are held. Research the other cities that have been on the world stage and have previously hosted the these games. Using your map: -shade the […]

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