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Adjectives are words that describe nouns. Types of Adjectives: Descriptive adjectives give colour, shape, size and feeling to nouns. e.g. sharp pencil; choppy seas; haunting melody; scruffy dog; long, dusty road; quaint, white-washed cottages Verbal adjectives are participles used as adjectives. Participles end in –ing or –ed. e.g. a walking stick; falling rocks; a deafening roar; scented roses; […]


Group Learning Task Wk3 – Immigration APRIL 27, 2015 Watch: http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s2523683.htm Complete the following questions in your English book: 1. Summarise the BtN story about migration cuts. 2. Why was immigration encouraged after the Second World War? 3. How does the Government decide how many immigrants are allowed to stay in Australia? 4. What are skilled […]

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This poem was written by a child and reflects thoughts and understandings about ANZAC DAY. What do you think the author’s message is? Could you add a verse to the poem that expresses your understanding of the importance of 2015 in the history of Anzac Day? POPPIES POEM http://http://www.gallipoli.gov.au https://youtu.be/Jxtv-gfrhIE

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