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  Have a look at the metaphors on this page and include some into a piece of your own writing…..go crazy, over the top!!! METAPHORES  

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Metaphors describe things as being another. The rock was as hot as a frying pan. Lawyers are sharks. Similes are types of metaphors that use comparative words such as like, as, resembles. ….shines like diamonds in the sky Hyperboles are dramatic comparisons that are used for effect. ’I could eat a horse’. Find some examples […]

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Hi all, I have just added the sports fixture to our ‘inter school sports’ page. Feel free to use it at home or print out a copy to put on the fridge. Have a great week end, From Miss L

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Code of Conduct Digital Booklet – 2015 Jan 29th, 2015   Grade 6 Code of Conduct 2015

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