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Reading Activity



Here is one of your Reading Group activities for the week…

1. Watch the following BTN video on the recent Rosetta Comet landing….




2. Answer the following questions about the landing as a comment to this post…

a) Write a summary of what you have just read. Your summary should be about 3 sentences.

b) How do you feel about the landing? Do you think it is worth spending the money for the mission?

c) What connections can you make between the landing and something else you are familiar with? For example a book or movie you have seen, previous science knowledge you have or something we have learnt at school.


3. Follow this link to complete a quiz about the Rosetta Comet…

Good luck :)

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“Reading Activity”

  1. November 25th, 2014 at 11:34 pm      Reply jammcd14 Says:

    Dear Miss L

    The European space agency has been trying for 10 years to land the Rosetta on the comet. It has finally been completed and they are collecting samples and photographs from the lander. It is fantastic achievement for mankind.
    I feel that the money spent on this mission is definitely worth it because it will teach us so much about comets and a little bit about Earth.
    This is such a big achievement, it reminds me of when the first men landed on the moon. Also it reminds me of a book called Galactic Adventures by Tristian Bancks.
    From James

  2. November 25th, 2014 at 11:37 pm      Reply liabev14 Says:

    Dear Miss L
    1. Scientists were very excited when the rosetta mission was completed. They think that it could be a connection to how people got to earth. The results could show that someone or something might of traveled to earth on a comet.
    2. I think it is worth spending all of the money to do it because they might find something out that could change scientists theorys about space.
    3. A conection is when the scientists are celebrating just like I would celebrate when I’ve won something.
    From Liam

  3. November 25th, 2014 at 11:38 pm      Reply calree14 Says:

    Dear Miss L

    a) the ESA (European Space Agency?) are trying to land a spacecraft on a comet near Jupiter. It will be pretty hard because space is very big and the comet is only four kilometres long. The comet doesn’t have much gravity to pull the spacecraft down to the surface. The spacecraft does have things like harpoons and thrusters that will help the spacecraft stay on the comet though.

    b) I think that it is worth the money because no one has ever done anything like this before, and, they could discover really cool things.

    c) Well, sometimes in Science we do things like experiments that we haven’t done before that are really hard and where no one knows if it will work.

    From Callum

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