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Lit Circles Term 3


Lit Circles Sep 18th, 2014   Congratulations on finishing your first Literature Circles discussion sessions! Firstly, you need to complete a PMI in your about your Lit Circles experience: You can do this on your blog. Then choose from a range of activities to celebrate your book: Create a Comic Strip (on Comic Life or paper) about […]



Adding & Subtracting Fractions with Unlike Denominators   Click on the image to play. You will need to demonstrate your workings in your maths grid book. This works with Flash, so you may like to visit the game at home on your computer. Choose some other players. Set a timer and see who finishes the game […]




  Procedural Text A New Game Bring along some game, or parts of games from home.You might like to bring Monopoly, Uno, draughts, etc. It can be any game that you like. Now you are going to write a set of rules for the game. You may even like to change the rules for the […]



CONGRATULATIONS! These people have completed the challenge. Alice Jessica Riley Liam Tyler Jake Dylan C Isabella Samantha Molly Christabel James Dylan N Victoria Callum Ethan Ben Gabby Ilana Matthew Reuben Nearly all there. Well done 5L

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