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Premier’s Reading Challenge Success in 2013


Congratulations to these people! They have met the VPRC requirements this year. Anastasia Gaby                We look forward to including those Yousif                    who are still completing the Peter                         […]

Rubbish Reducing Event


Dear all Grade Fives, Bayley, Tunan and Alice are running a ‘Rubbish Reducing Event’. We are running it on Thursday 5th of September 2013. Participate in this event to help your grade win. The winning grade will receive a certificate with Mrs Batchelor’s and Mr Reeve’s signature on it. In order to compete in this […]

Grade 5 Reading Response Menu


Reading Responses Menu 



A Sinkhole


  A what? August 13, 2013 by Miss May | 0 comments   ‘Sinkhole?’ I hear you say. What is it? Where do they occur? What damage do they cause? Today we will be looking at sinkholes and a recent one that happened in Florida, USA. Follow this link to read the news article about this recent event. You will […]

Sorry all,


Hi everyone in 5L Don’t worry if you are having trouble with your site. We have had to complete some changes and these will be given to you tomorrow…..small alterations! You will be able to work away on the weekend. Thanks for your patience. Miss L


Homework grid 24 hour time W.3 Grade 5 Homework Term 3

Movie List


Movie List

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