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Writing Activities


Describing Facial Expressions and Emotions When You’re Writing











Building My Vocabulary

Complete sheet to accompany your masterpiece!












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Bring your cash along tomorrow…


Its the last day for 5c frenzy.



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Sport Activity.


Dear Parents

During the week beginning June 26 all students in grade 5 & 6 will have the opportunity to participate in a Healthy Body session. This session will be conducted by a qualified Personal Trainer.

Each session will run for 100 minutes. The sessions will focus on the importance of exercise, fitness, strength and promoting a healthy body.

Students are asked to wear their sports tops and appropriate footwear on the day of their session.

Grade 5 Monday June 26

Grade 6 Tuesday June 27


Paula Clark & Jan Arney



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to help with your book reports/writing….

  •  Do you believe in happy endings?
  •  Have you ever felt like a total outsider?
  •  Do you love a good mystery?
  •  What would you do if you discovered a secret that changed everything?
  •  Do you believe a person can really change?
  •  Are you afraid of the dark?
  •  Do you have a hero?
  •  Concluding…
  • To sum up…
  • In conclusion . . .
  • I hope I have convinced you that…
  • I think I have shown that…
  • As I stated in my introduction . .
  • Another reason is that ..
  • In addition . . .
  • I also feel that…
  • An equally important point to consider is . . .
  • You might also consider . . .
  • I strongly believe . . .
  • On the other hand…
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Have a read of this book report!



Parvana is an inspiring true story based on a young girl, Parvana, making life-changing decisions while living in Afghanistan. She does not approve of the government and the inequalities she is forced to live under. Parvana has to dress as a boy to make a living for her family. The reader goes on a journey with Parvana, Shauzia and many more real life characters.

Parvana’s life is changed drastically when her father is arrested and taken away. With a household full of girls there is no one to buy food and make a living for the family as only men and boys are permitted outside the house. This is when Parvana has to risk her life out on the streets dressed as a boy. Will anyone find out?…

Pick up this glorious book to feel a mixture of emotions. It will be like your heart is on a roller coaster. At times it is a ‘feel good’ story about family, and other times, a heart wrenching story of loss and need for a better life. This story will transport you to the city of Tabah as an eleven year old tries to make her mark on the world.

For me, this was a fantastic book. I could feel the character’s joy and pain. I would definitely recommend this to a friend; 5 out of 5 stars. The only flaws for me were the ‘cliff hangers’ at the end. There were so many unanswered questions. But I guess that’s always why there is a sequel. Parvana is now one of my favourite books.

This was a fantastic tale told by Deborah Ellis and I can’t wait to read the sequels. It’s a great read and an eye opener to life in Afghanistan.

By A. S.

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End of term task:


Book Report

Your task is to complete a book report about your Literature Circles book.

Things you will need to include:

Use these points as a check list. 

Copy and paste the questions onto new page on your iPad. You can complete the book report on your iPad or on a separate piece of lined paper.
This page will be included in your book report. Highlight each section as you complete it.
  1. The title of your book. (and a photo of your book)
  2. Your name at the top of the page.
  3. The author of your book.
  4. Write in detail about a minimum of 3 characters. You need to include who they are, what were they like (personality), what role they played in the book and what you personally thought about the character (whether you liked them or not).  Set out the information under a heading for each character. You may like to decorate the headings and present them in an attractive way.
  5. The setting: You need to write in detail about the setting of the book. Where did the story take place? What were the places like? What kind of environment did the story take place in. (You may need to describe more than one setting if your story took place in more than one area). Find a paragraph that describes a place from the story. Take a photo of the text and include it on your page.
  6. Find some images of the country where the book is set. Think about the story and make decisions about the photos you choose. Copy and paste some appropriate images onto your book report.
  7. Summary: Give a detailed summary of what happens throughout the story. Include the introduction of the book and the main plot points throughout. See the summary sheet that was handed out to you this week.
  8. Conclusion: How did the story end? Was the conflict resolved? Do you feel that the ending of the book was satisfying? Why do you feel that way?
  9. Recommendation: You need to convince someone to read this book. Write down the things you would say to encourage a friend to borrow this book from the library and read it. Think about what made the book enjoyable, whether it made you need to keep turning pages to find out what happened. Write your paragraph for this answer as a persuasive piece that uses high modal language. Use the sheet we distributed last week.
  10. Follow up: Find out another book that was written by the same author as your Lit. Circle book. Write down the title and explain in your own words what the blurb says the book is about. Would you be interested in reading this book? Why/why not? You should write about a paragraph (6-10 lines).
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Something to Think About…….


Albert Einstein suggested……

…There should be one universal  ‘world government’.

He wanted to see the world without borders, with one international government having the power over individual ‘states’.

In 1919 he supported the idea of a ‘League of Nations’ which was later followed by the introduction of the United Nations in 1945.

What do you think of this idea? Could the world work like this?

Some words/concepts to think about…..  pollution, open borders, freedom, choices, universal health, gun laws, dictatorship, national defence, famine, universal safety standards……

Can you think of some other issues that should be considered?

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You Need To Bring This…..



For our science unit you need to bring a torch to school. It only needs to be a small hand held torch. We will be doing an activity in class using your torch in week 3. If you don’t have a single torch in your home, do not worry! You can share with your neighbour at school.


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 Lesser Known Female Scientists From History

Mary Anning

Wang Zhenyi

Maria Sibylia Merian

Ada Lovelace


Writing A Biography

Here are some helpful hints and directions for you about writing a successful biography.

Make sure that you read the information before you hand in your biography. The more preparation and proofreading you complete, the less you will need to do after your teacher has read it.

The better your planning, the better assessment you achieve!






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by Paul Jennings


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