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Grade 6 Profile


Grade 6 Profile Cards

Once all else is completed you can work on your own personal profile card.

Make it special. Decorate the background. Make it a reflection of you!

Have fun!!!!

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Graduation Songs



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Money Is The Most Important Thing In Life



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Secondary School Activities


Secondary School Timetable

November 26, 2018

What can you make of this time table? What does it tell you? What classes do you go to first? Complete these activities in you Inquiry book. Activity 1. From the book list provided make a list of the all things you will need to keep in your pencil case. In your inquiry book draw […]

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Tuesday 20th November


Thanks all. I hope you have a really good day. I’ll be thinking of you.

9.00am-10.30pm-Maths evaluation test. Complete the test by yourself. If you need some assistance, please ask the teacher. Make notes on the side of the test if you don’t understand something. If you want to check your maths book, or a dictionary for assistance please do so.

9.30-10.40.- When you have completed the maths test complete the activity about nouns. You will need to concentrate. There are several of you who have the sheet already.

Please remain quiet whilst the other children complete the test.

10.30.-Recess Begin group correction of the test. This can be done earlier if you have all finished. Use a red pen please to correct your work. Circle any questions where you have an incorrect answer. Discussions can take place as you correct.


11.10-12.00. On the maths page of the blog is a plan for Planet Shakers (the venue of the Graduation ceremony). There are several questions to answer. Choose a task that suits your understandings. Try to challenge yourself, but also do this task independently. You may ask the teacher questions.

NB. You need to allow for 25 teachers to attend. Remember they will sit beside you in the front 5 rows. (As per the photocopied sheet.) Make sure you have this sheet to refer to.

12.00-12.45. Complete the tree diagram sheet below. If you did not finish the ones handed out last week then this needs to be completed as well. Glue the sheet into your maths book. You need to choose your own task with 3 different options. Discuss this with the teacher before you start.


If you complete this early there are some fun maths challenges for you to complete. Miss Clark is really good at making them so have a go at them. Choose one that interests you. You may discuss it with a friend. They are below.


Show all your working for each task in your maths book.


Ali A Age!


1.50-2.30 Continue with maths test corrections after lunch/Lit Circles
2.30-3.30 Check with Mr Richardson when there will be graduation chair practise. Remember your hats and the spare chairs for anyone who is absent. (this could be straight after lunch.
Thanks everyone.
Have a good day.
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Wednesday 14th November


This afternoon you will complete your filming and story boarding.

Make sure all equipment is borrowed through Jess (thanks Jess for doing it).

Work well and make sure everyone in your group has a specific job to complete.

Liam, I will cut out the heading for you tomorrow. Have it printed ready ok.

The editing of the film should be completed by the end of the day.

Please comment below and tell me how your group is going with your storyboard. One sentence each group. Thanks.

Thanks all

Ms Lovelace

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Helping to write a movie review

Emotional Literacy

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Tuesday 30th October


9.00-9.15 Roll/Monitors

9.15-10.00 Lit Circles-conference with King Arthur group

10.00-10.45  Lit Circles-conference with Winn Dixie group


11.10-12.00 Check homework-6C blog-Sudoku-this should have been    completed by last Friday. Check the character studies and the quality of the completed work.

12.00-12.45 Maths-


Discuss the different graphs. Make suggestions why ages vary, what the data tells us and make some generalizations.

Using this tool at the side of the graph make some comparisons about the different ages. Have a look at the ages of children at 10,11,12,13. Then discuss whether our grade sizes reflect these statistics.

Things to think about and discuss.

The age ranges for males and females varies widely across Australia, which may come as a surprise. Take a look at the age and gender profiles of the following areas:

  • Green Point, NSW, 2251
  • City, ACT, 2601
  • Cairns City, Qld, 4870
  • Esperance, WA, 6450
  • Kosciuszko National Park, NSW, 2625
  • Margaret River, WA, 6285
  • Hahndorf, SA, 5245
  • Anglesea, Vic, 3230
  • Kakadu, NT, 0822

Think about how the communities in those different areas might be characterised – lots of young professionals, lots of older retirees, a population with shorter lifespan – and some of the possible reasons for the age and gender profiles of each area.


See if you can find data for another country. Explain to the others in the grade about the results of the data. Make some comparative statements that explain similarities and differences. Why did you choose that country?

Think of something that interests you. Can you find data to show information about your interest? eg How many people live in country areas of Victoria? How many people have more than 3 cars at their house?

Is it helpful to compare the percentages (%) or the actutal numbers of data?

Discuss and make comments in your maths project book. Print out some data and make some comments about the data you have found.


1.50-3.30- completing the rough plan of your film. You need to make sure that all group members have a task to do. Perhaps someone could be making notes about the costumes or props needed whilst the others are completing their rough drafts of the planning documents.

Your plans should be completed by the end of the double session. Remember that the illustrations are not to be completed with huge amounts of detail. The remainder of the plan should have everything included so that the story boarder has all the information they need to complete the illustrations and text.

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Writing a Film Review

back to the future movie review-1g3qhgk

Watch this film and write your own review.

Justify your comments with evidence from the film.

Copy and paste the url onto your iPad.



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Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds in photographyThe Rule of Thirds is perhaps the most well-known ‘rule’ of photographic composition.The “Rule of Thirds” one of the first things that budding photographers learn about in classes on photography and rightly so as it is the basis for well balanced and interesting shots.I will say right up front however that rules are meant to be broken and ignoring this one doesn’t mean your images are necessarily unbalanced or uninteresting. However a wise person once told me that if you intend to break a rule you should always learn it first to make sure your breaking of it is all the more effective!TASK 1.

  • Make sure you understand the concepts highlighted in red.
  • Use a thesaurus or dictionary to find other words that could replace the red words but remember to make sure the words fit with the text.
  • Create a glossary for words in the paragraphs that you think would help others understand the concepts more clearly.



Read the information about ‘Rule of Thirds’ and summarize (using illustrations if you need) to demonstrate your understanding of how this rule will help you to make your photography better.


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